About Erin Cole

Erin Cole has been dressing brides worldwide for over 20 years. With her high fashion style and exquisite taste her passion truly lies in the detailed art of styling brides. Since starting the company, Erin Cole has become a well know brand in the bridal market for her exquisite collections, couture veils, tiaras, hairpins, flowers, sashes, festoons, brooches, and necklaces.The Erin Cole collection can be found in over 175 stores around the world.

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A true California local, Erin Cole is guided in her inspirations by her mother’s passion for art and painting and her grandmother’s true talent for sewing and design. Growing up in this air of creativity was incredibly positive and relevant for Erin: she could do nothing other than entertain an occupation that explores creativity and fashion. Her Design House is located in the heart of the surf industry, in east side Costa Mesa, where the collections are created and manufactured. Erin’s delicate designs of whimsical, modern beading and soft fabrics set true with her love for couture style and fashion. Her manifesto is “I believe it should be incredible or it shouldn’t be!”

Her endless search for delicate fashion forward hardware and intricate laces has opened up an endless sea of design and creativity that has groomed her since the age of 10. Having the ability to gear her creativeness in the bridal industry was destined to be. Since starting in bridal retail at 23 Erin was led down the creative path when she found a scarcity of couture bridal accessories available in the early 90’s.

The distinct beautiful collection was definitely coming soon and was launched 6 months later. Bridal is the true passion that drives her collection. “You either have a passion for bridal or you don’t” and this California native definitely has it! Erin Cole’s style is a true reflection of her California lifestyle…positive, organic, fashion forward, couture with just the perfect amount of sparkle and shine! Her award winning accessories can be found in over 175 stores worldwide. The detailed collection consists of couture veils, gorgeous sashes, tiaras, hairpins, and modern vintage style jewelry that has brides pulling them out of the chest every chance they get. “Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? I’m thrilled when I hear a bride say that she wore her bridal accessories again for her anniversary or some other special event. These pieces are definitely not meant to be boxed up and thrown in the trunk. I say wear them every chance you get!”